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A Buyer’s Guide to Neon Lights!

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What Are Neon Lights?

Neon lights are amazing lights named after a colorless and odorless noble gas that is rarely found in the atmosphere of Earth. They are advanced types of lighting solutions that use glass tubes filled with neon or related noble gases to create a glowing and vibrant effect. They typically consist of glass tubes that are bent in various shapes and sizes or letters to form symbols, words, or designs.

The glass tubes are filled and sealed with specific noble gases, especially neon gas. A mixture of gasses can also be used in the glass tubes. Electrodes at each tube end are connected to the power source. Once power is supplied, you get mesmerizing lights that feel amazing.

Neon lights have a retro aesthetic and distinctive design that is often associated with nightlife, urban environments, parties, as well as signage. They are known for their luminous and bright quality. No doubt, they are the best lighting solutions for captivating visual impact.

A Brief Overview of Neon Lights History:

Neon lights are advanced lighting solutions for parties, clubs, and restaurants that gained popularity in the late 19th century. Several developers and inventors contributed to neon lights. The neon lights came into existence with the introduction of neon gas. Neon gas, discovered by Sir William Ramsay and his associates in 1898, laid the foundation of advanced neon lighting solutions.

After the introduction of neon gas, in the middle of the 19th century, Geissler tubes were introduced by Heinrich Geissler (a German Glassblower). Geissler tubes are sealed tubes filled with low-pressure gas. When current is provided to such tubes, the gas inside the tubes can produce a vibrant glow. It is not wrong to say that the invention of Heinrich Geissler’s “Geissler Tubes” was the precursor to neon lights.

After the introduction of neon gas and Geissler tubes, several experiments were conducted on them, and finally, in 1910, Georges Claude introduced the first neon sign. After its introduction, he marketed his product under the label “NEON” at one of the Paris mega event. Shortly after, neon signs became popular in the entire world. And soon they become the preferred lighting solutions for storefront displays and advertising.

Neon lights are advanced lighting solutions that gained valuable importance after their introduction. They are still the preferred lights for many occasions. Custom party neon lights are used at various events to create a vibrant atmosphere.

What is the Color Spectrum of Neon Lights?

When an electrical current passes through the neon neon lights, they produce a vibrant red-orange glow. This is the ordinary color absorbed in the neon lights. This color is produced after the emission of different wavelengths from the neon gas when the atoms of neon gas are excited.

Besides that, neon lights also exist in several different colors. By changing the gas and coating the inside of the tube with phosphorescent material, you can produce a variety of colors. For example:

1. Argon: It produces a light blue color.

2. Xenon: It produces a purple color.

3. Helium: It produces a pinkish color.

4. Krypton: It produces a green color.

By applying a coating of phosphor on the inside of the tube, you can produce a wide spectrum of colors including white.

What Are the Applications of Neon Lights?

Neon lights are used at various places and have unlimited applications. Cities including Las Vegas, New York City, and Tokyo, are known around the world due to their neon lights. Besides that, they are also found in restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, theaters, bars, retail stores, etc. They are installed at such places to attract the attention of visitors and create a mesmerizing atmosphere.

Besides that, custom party neon lights are best for weddings, festival parties, family gatherings, etc. Some other applications of neon lights are listed hereunder:

1.Tourist and landmark destinations

2.Entertainment and art places


4.Amusement parks

5.Vintage and retro stores

6.Interior designs


8.Concert venues

9.Fashion shows

10.Trade shows


12.Photography, etc.

What is the Difference Between Neon Lights and LED Lights?

Neon lights are different from LED lights in various ways. Both are different lighting technologies with distinct operating principles and features. The  key differences between neon lights and LED lights are listed hereunder:

1. Lighting Technology:

Neon Light: They use glass tubes that are filled with neon or other similar noble gases.

LED Light: They use light-emitting diodes. LED aka light emitting diodes are solid-state electronic equipment that can emit light when electricity is supplied between the electrodes of a glass tube.

2. Energy Efficient:

Neon Lights: They utilize more power and are less energy-efficient compared to LED lights.

LED Light: They consume less power and are considered highly energy-efficient compared to neon lights.

3. Lifespan:

Neon Lights: The lifespan of neon lights is generally a minimum of 10,000 to a maximum of 25,000 hours.

LED Light: They have a longer life span compared to neon lights. It can last a minimum of 25,000 hours to 50,000 hours or even more.

4. Color Options:

Neon Lights: Based on the gasses utilized in the neon lights, they produce limited emission of lights. You have to replace the gas-filled tubes in order to change the color of the light.

LED Lights: They offer a wide variety of color lights. For example, RGB LEDs can emit an entire spectrum of colors.

5. Design and Flexibility:

Neon Lights: Neon lights are typically rigid glass tubes that are bent into specific letters, shapes, and sizes.

LED Lights: LED lights are available in various forms. They include bulbs, flexible strips, as well as large panels. They are easily integrated into various applications and designs.

Can Neon Lights Affect Your Eyes?

When used in normal conditions and properly, they cause no damage to the eyes. The visible light emitted by such lights mainly consists of specific colors that depend on the gas present inside the tube. Such gasses are generally considered safe for the eyes.

Despite that, if you are continuously staring at neon lights for a long time,  it can result in temporary vision impairment and discomfort or any serious issue may occur. Therefore, it is advisable to prevent extended direct exposure to bright lights.

How Many Types of Neon Lights Are There?

Neon lights are of various types. Some are listed hereunder:

1. Traditional/ Ordinary Neon Lights

2. LED Neon Lights

3. LED Neon Flex Pixel

4. LED Neon Flex RGB

5. LED Neon Flex Linear and more.

Are Neon Lights and LED Neon Lights the Same?

No, neon lights and LED neon lights are not the same. Although they look similar in appearance, they have distinct features. Interested to know how neon lights are different from LED neon lights? Continue reading!!!

As described earlier, neon lights work by passing an electric current through low-pressure gas which is mostly neon. When the gas atoms are excited by electric current, they emit a warm and distinct glow. Neon lights emit a warm and unique glow that has a retro and vintage feel. Neon lights are highly durable.

On the other hand, LED neon lights are modern types of neon lights. LED neon lights are comprised of tiny LED lights that are encased in a diffuser (it is flexible)  in order to mimic the neon appearance. LED neon lights offer a higher degree of durability compared to ordinary neon lights. They have the power to emit more colors. One of the mesmerizing features of LED neon lights is that they can be programmed to alter the color or create a dynamic lighting atmosphere.

They are highly energy-efficient compared to LED neon lights.

What Are the Benefits of Installing a Custom Party Neon Light?

A custom party neon light can entertain you with mesmerizing benefits. It can attract the attention of the audience and can give you the following benefits:

1. They can be customized according to your needs. You can change the shape, size, and even color according to your requirements.

2. Neon lights whether they are ordinary or LED, add a vibrant and stylish element to a party decor.

3. The bright and colorful glow of neon lights can be set according to the desired mood. Whether it’s a lively party bash or you want to create a more cozy and relaxed atmosphere.

4. Neon lights are highly visible. You can see them from a distance. Thus, it catches the attention of people from far away.

5. It is a one-time investment and can be used multiple times at various events.

6. Custom neon lights are best for creating eye-catching backdrops for photos.

Why Choose Neon Lights From Signs Color?

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